Issue 8: How Two Words Doubled the Number of Opt-in Subscribers

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Most of my subscribers know that I’m a fanatic about testing. It simply doesn’t make any sense to run a marketing campaign or promotion — online or offline — without testing some element of your promotion. If both options you test produce the exact same results, which almost never happens, you haven’t lost anything.

But if one test piece outperforms the other, you’ve just increased your profits for as long as you continue to run that promotion or campaign. Plus, you’ve probably made discoveries that can be applied to many or all of your future promotions for all kinds of products and services.

So failing to test is about as close you can come to setting a large pile of money on fire.

Let me give you an example of a very simple, yet extremely powerful test some good friends of mine recently conducted. Audri and Jim Lanford are two of my favorite people, both personally and professionally. Besides being great people, Audri and Jim are dedicated to maximizing the results of all their marketing. One of the ways they achieve this is through continuous testing to prod even better results out of all their marketing.

In my new program, “Online Profits at the Speed of Light”, Audri and Jim share the results of a number of tests they did. One of the most fascinating was a two-word change that took no more than a few seconds to make. I’ll let Audri lay out the detailsÂ…

We offer quite a few Mini-Courses and ezines, so we spend quite a bit of time testing opt-in pages. In one test, we compared: “This email course starts with…” and “This 10-part email course starts with…” (That was the only difference.)

Opt-ins increased from 8.9% to 18.9% with the 10-part email opt-in box — increasing 112%!

Let’s put some numbers to this. If each subscriber is worth $1.00/mo, and you normally get 3000 new subscribers/mo, you would get 6000 new subscribers/mo instead with this change (if it made the same difference for you —— which it may or may not). That means the first month, instead of earning $3000, you’d earn $6000. Same with the second month. And it compoundsÂ…

As you can see, the only difference in their test is two words. The second example, that includes the two words “10-part” produced dramatically higher results, increasing opt-ins by a hefty 112%.

Why did these two words produce such a substantial boost? I’ll show you in just a minute. But first, here’s some more information on the program Audri and Jim’s test was excerpted fromÂ…

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The only real reason to test — to improve
your sales and profits

So the question is, “Why did a simple two-word change make such a significant difference in results?”

And the answer is really pretty simple. The more specific you make something, the more believable it becomes. This is true of your copy, your headline, your offer, and any other component of your marketing.

The more tangible you make something — the better you get at helping your prospects picture themselves using your product or service — the stronger results you’ll produce. “This email course starts withÂ…” leaves it up to the prospect to fill in the blanks. The problem is, when people are left to fill in the blanks on their own, most of them don’t. So you wind up with a big fat blank.

But “This 10-part email course starts withÂ…” helps the prospect conjure up an image of themselves using the course. They picture themselves receiving lessons and learning from the course 10 times. It creates a much more explicit image in your prospect’s mind. Something they can latch onto and use to make a decision to take action now.


There are two powerful lessons in play here. First, if you aren’t already testing with every marketing piece you create, you’re cheating yourself out of at least a portion of the sales you could be making. Most testing requires very little time or money to do. Testing two different headlines, two different prices, two different offers, and so on, against each other couldn’t be much easier. But as you can see, these simple types of tests can produce substantial improvements in your results.

The second lesson is that specifics are far more effective than generalities. “I saved thousands on my taxes last year” can’t hold a candle to “I saved $14,273 on my taxes last year — and here’s how you can too”.

So get specific in your copy. Go through it paragraph by paragraph and look for ways to add more detail that helps your prospects picture themselves benefiting from your product or service.

Who knows, you could end up being a case study in an upcoming issue of this ezine!

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