Issue 14: The Secret to Becoming Your Own Copywriting Factory

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“How do you write so much copy for all the products and services you offer?” That’s a question I hear from subscribers over and over. So in this issue, I’m going to “come clean” and reveal the secret I use to produce as much copy as I need as often as I need it. It’s a very simple — almost obvious — formula you can start putting to work right away to turn yourself into your own copywriting factory.

Step 1: Clone yourself

Here’s a secret all professional copywriters share – they steal from themselves with impunity! No, they don’t copy block-for-block, but they maintain categories of promotions that are similar and borrow from them liberally.

For example, I have files for successful promotions I’ve written for information products, seminars, consulting, mentoring programs, and web marketing techniques. Whenever I have a new product on one of these topics, I go to that file, pull out a few of the promos and read through them.

I nearly always use the same structure for each category of promotion. The copy is different, but just by using the same structure as a template, I save dozens of hours I would have otherwise burned up.

I also clone the wording of certain blocks to avoid writing something new where it isn’t required. For example, my guarantees, pricing blocks, and P.S. blocks are extremely similar from promo to promo. Cloning them almost word for word is another shortcut that saves me a tremendous amount of time.

I save the really creative writing for the areas where it really counts: my headline, offer, benefits, and bullet points.

This technique alone, as obvious as it may sound, is overlooked by almost everyone other than professional copywriters. Try it. I guarantee it will cut down on the time you spend writing your copy and help you concentrate on those areas of your copy where you really want to shine.

Step 2: One good sales letter = dozens of promos

Here’s a simple, yet powerful way to turn one sales letter into dozens of promotions. A lot of marketers send you their entire promotion in an email. Pages upon pages of copy droning on for what seems like forever.

If you email that same promotion multiple times, people quickly get tired of it and tune you out as soon as they see it. Here’s how to overcome that problem, increase the number of people who read your promo significantly, and enjoy a higher level of sales and profits.

Instead of sending out your entire promotion in an email, put it up on a web page and send short, teaser emails to your list instead. I like to focus mine on a powerful benefit that people will get, followed by a testimonial, followed by a link to the complete promotion. Here’s a real life example of one of my recent teaser emails:

Subject line: 5-minute change triples web response

Can a simple, 5-minute change to a web site increase
response by 300%? Take a look:
  "On my old web site I used to get relatively small
   numbers of sign-ups to my e-zine, despite strong
   endorsements from other newsletter publishers. In
   my first test since changing to the format you 
   recommended, I have received more than a 300%
   improvement in sign-ups."
  — Michael Hepworth
    Toronto, Canada
Obviously, the web design technique I recommend 
is different than what you usually see. But the real
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Bob Serling

Now, if you click that link, you may not see the full promotion at this time, as it’s temporarily sold out. But normally, the entire sales letter would be there. People can now read it at their leisure, bookmark it, and return as often as they’d like.

That’s the first part. Now, here’s how you turn your one good sales letter into dozens of promotions. Instead of having just one teaser email, create a series of them, all pointing to the same web page with your full promotion. For the product above, I currently have 16 different teaser emails, all using the identical structure.

Going back to Step 1, I’ve saved a tremendous amount of time — and still have very compelling emails — by reusing the same structure multiple times. The first teaser email I wrote in this series took me about 30 minutes to write. Each subsequent teaser email took between 3 and 5 minutes to write. That’s a substantial reduction in writing time, yet they all perform extremely well.

Saving time is great, however, the real power of this technique comes from having a series of teaser emails you can use over many months. This allows you to keep your message fresh, but still be able to use the same promotion as many times as you’d like.

I’ve got another great copywriting secret coming up for you in just a minute. But first…

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Step 3: A “classified” secret

No, this is not a “top secret”, security clearance classified type of secret, but a classified advertising type of secret. And it’s really an extension of Step 2.

If you’ve ever run classified ads offline, you know that smart marketers find a classified ad that works, then run it forever until another classified beats it. But online, nobody does that! They’re constantly changing their promotions and starting over from scratch.

What a monumental waste of time and effort!

If you really want to become a copywriting factory, churning out great copy at will, it’s crucial that you learn to reuse your successful copy over and over again. A minute ago, I mentioned that I have 16 different teaser emails for the same product.

Not only did I save time by using the same structure to create them, but I recycle them again and again. These teaser emails are performing very well. It would be crazy to junk them and start all over. Yet that’s what most people do.

By having a series of teaser emails, it takes me two or three months to get through the entire series. But once I’ve completed the series, I start running it all over again from the beginning.

Why don’t more people do this? Because they’re afraid that their prospects and customers will get bored by seeing the same copy repeated.

But here’s an important secret: your prospects and customers rarely remember your advertising if it’s short. They’re far too busy with all the other things that take up their time. Think about it. You’ve probably received dozens of promotions from different companies over the last week. How many do you remember? If you’re like most people, the answer is none.

So don’t worry about repetition boring your prospects and customers. It rarely happens. And by reusing your email promos again and again, you’ll spend far less time writing and boost your sales and profits at the same time.

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