Issue 11: The Winning Marketing Tip

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Well, folks, the results are in from my Double Contest and we have the winners! Two people won the Grand Prize of iPod Nanos packed with audio interviews with 15 marketing experts.

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First, I want to thank everyone who entered the contest. There were a lot of great marketing tips, making it very difficult to pick the winner. In this issue, I’ll share the “top dog” idea of them all. And in a future issue, I’ll feature the top 5 or 10 marketing tips.

Also, I want to remind you that everyone is a winner in this contest. In about two weeks, I’ll make all 15 interviews available for you on my web site. You’ll receive an email with a link where you can go listen to the interviews or download them, with no cost whatsoever. Just my way of thanking everybody for participating in the contest.

I also want to take a moment to publicly thank the 14 experts who were kind enough to let me interview them (the fifteenth interview is with me). These experts are, in alphabetical order: Bob Bly, John Carlton, Sean D’Souza, Randy Gage, David Garfinkel, Shel Horowitz, John Jantsch, Clayton Makepeace, Perry Marshall, Paul Myers, Bob Scheinfeld, Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, and Jeff Walker. Wow, that’s a stellar line up!

Now, on to the winners

The first winner is Patsi Krakoff who won in the random drawing of everybody who voted on their favorite marketing technique. Congratulations Patsi! I hope you enjoy your shiny new iPod.

The winner for the best marketing tip isÂ… drum roll, pleaseÂ… Andy O’Bryan. Andy’s idea is brilliant in its simplicity and for the results it can produce. So let’s take a look atÂ…

Andy O’Bryan’s Winning Marketing Tip

“Give to get. When you’ve built your email list to a respectable amount (at least 2,500 but an extra zero in there is best), approach people with bigger lists and ask how best to promote their products. Pick their brains, via phone preferably, but email is fine. Then email your list with a hearty endorsement of their product (preferably one you’ve tried), and send them proof that you did it.

Once you’ve established rapport with at least 10 big list owners, put together a 1-2 week campaign for your product, including a killer sales letter, affiliate program and cut/paste ezine messages. Call and email the list owners you’ve befriended and secure their promotional support. You’ve already helped them, so the laws of the universe will kick in at this point. Then watch the sales roll in. Repeat every quarter with 10 new list owners. By the end of the year you’ll have at least 40 friends and compounding revenue.”

This tip could be used by anyone in any industry — which is one of the key qualities I was looking for in selecting the winning entry. But as I said, the beauty of this tip is its simplicity. Anyone can implement it with great success, regardless of how much marketing experience they have.

Thanks for a great tip, Andy. And may you get many years of enjoyment out of your iPod.

While the initial read of Andy’s tip makes it obvious that this technique can be successfully used by anyone, there’s even more to it. So let’s take a deeper look at what makes this tip so powerful.

Turning “give to get” on its ear

If there’s one phrase that sums up the most prominent recommendation of marketing experts, particularly online, it’s “give to get”. The problem is, most experts teach you to give, and give endlessly, to the wrong people.

The conventional wisdom is to build a big email list and give, give, give. Give away articles. Give away teleseminars. Give away tools. Give away everything but the kitchen sink. And be sure to give them to all takers, whether or not they’re qualified prospects.

The logic seems to be that if you give enough away for long enough, eventually all the tire kickers will go through a miraculous conversion and buy something from you.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it just ain’t so.

Do you know what you really get when you give, give, give everything away for free for a long time? You get thousands of people who are conditioned to get everything you offer for FREE.

Now, Andy’s technique is brilliant in that he’s “giving to get” — but he’s giving to the right people. He’s giving other businesses with large mailing lists and successful products additional sales that they wouldn’t have seen without him. And he’s doing this with a multitude of people.

Now, here’s what happens next…

The power of compounding “social proof”

Let’s say you take Andy up on his idea and offer 30 or 40 big list owners the opportunity to sell their products to your list. Then, let’s say that 15 of them take you up on this. You make some money, each list owner makes some money, and everybody is happy, right?

Not quite yet. Because, as Andy mentioned, the desired end result is to get these list owners to offer your products to their lists. Now, obviously, if you’ve done a good job of selling the list owner’s product to your list, you’ve ingratiated yourself to them and they’ll certainly remember you when you come calling.

But what makes this even better is the power of compounding “social proof”.

You see, when you approach each list owner about offering your product to their list, not only do you have the track record you established selling that list owner’s product, but you also have a powerful track record of having sold products for 14 other well-known list owners.

If you send each list owner an email or a letter proposing that they offer your product to their list — and you include comments from 5 or 6 other big list owners about how profitable and pleasurable it was to work with you — can you imagine the effect it would have on these list owners? That’s the power of compounding “social proof” — using the praises of other well-known people to make your path to success even easier.

Add this component in and your results could easily shoot off the chart!

Stay tuned

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