Issue 7: The Mightiest Voice in Marketing

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Ever been at a dinner party and some blowhard two tables away is ranting on and on about himself, telling the poor slob who was unfortunate enough to get seated next to him all about what a brilliant businessman, fantastic golfer, and all around great guy he is? And his voice is so loud, it practically drowns out the combo playing a bit of light jazz while dinner is being eaten?

What’s your first impression of someone like this?

It’s probably that he’s a pompous, loudmouthed idiot and are you ever glad that you didn’t get stuck being seated next to him. And you’d be right.

Well, the marketing conversation is very similar to this.

For example — let’s say that you and I have just met at a dinner party and you ask me, “So what do you do?”

Then I proceed to tell you, “I’m the greatest marketing strategist and copywriter there is. If you know anything about marketing, you realize it’s impossible to get a 100% response to any ad or sales letter. But I’ve done that, I’ve actually produced a perfect 100% response. In fact, a number of times. Oh, and that’s not all, I wrote a sales letter that was so successful, that the company I wrote it for didn’t have to use any other advertising for over 7 years. And with a wave of my hand, I can increase a company’s sales by more than 700% just about any time I want.”

What would you think of me?

If you’re even half sane, you’d conclude that I’m full of crap, a pompous jerk, and arrogant beyond belief (in which case, my 18-year old son would be in complete agreement with you, but for different reasons).

Now let’s change the scenario slightly. You’re still at the same dinner party, at the same table, seated next to me. But in this scenario, you and I have never spoken. Instead, when I get up to go fill my plate for the third time, a good friend of yours who is sitting next to you on your other side, leans over and says, “Do you know what that guy does for a living?”

You answer, “No, I don’t have a clue”. And then your friend proceeds to tell you everything I just listed in the previous version of this conversation.

Now what would you think of me?

You’d probably think that I practically walk on water, and if you owned a business, you’d try to trap me at the table and pick my brain for free advice all night.

What you’ve just seen is an example of “The Mightiest Voice in Marketing”. You see, other people can say things about you that make you look wonderful. But if you were to say even a few of those things yourself, you’d come off as a loudmouth who isn’t to be believed or trusted.

Now, let’s boil it down to how you harness this voice to improve all your marketing results.

How to use “The Mightiest Voice” to run circles
around your competition

The precise problem I described above occurs every time a prospect receives a marketing communication from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s an email, an ad, a sales letter, radio spot, web page — or any other form of marketing.

Prospects are justifiably skeptical of anything you say about yourself. After all, they’ve been burned, probably more times than they care to admit, by people just like you who say all kinds of glowing things about themselves. So why should they believe you?

One of the best and most effective ways to turn this issue around completely, is to let someone else pave the way for you. By this, I mean to have a voice other than yours tell your prospects all about how great you and your product or service are.

Because the mightiest voice in marketing is a totally believable voice.

Here’s a real life example. Take a look at an ad that features one of my clients talking about the results he got by using my services, as well as results I’ve produced for other clients.

charles-debettignies.jpg 590x620

Sound familiar? He’s actually saying everything I stated about myself above, and more.

However, the difference is like night and day. Because when a real, live person is saying these glowing things about me, and he’s used his real name and a picture of himself, every word comes off as completely believable.

This gives you an incomparable ability to make a very powerful argument for your product or service, and do a complete end run around your prospects’ “b.s. radar”.

Now I don’t mean to imply in any way that you’re going to lie or stretch the truth. Every word in your marketing piece must be truthful and fully provable. In fact, what really cements the copy in this piece is the sentence in the last paragraph that says, “He’ll be happy to provide you with references for all the companies aboveÂ…”

My point again, is that a satisfied customer can say things about you in a powerful way that you could never say about yourself without completely alienating your audience. And that is a mighty tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

I’ll show you another powerful way to use The Mightiest Voice in just a minute. But first…

Here are 32 experts you really can trust.

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of all the lousy information being sold on how to market your products or services online. Very little of it works. Some of it is so technical, you practically need a degree in computer science to understand it.

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Cut ’em off at the “Prove It” pass

Another way to use your customer’s voice is to make a powerful claim right in the beginning of your marketing piece, followed immediately by one or more testimonials that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything you’ve just claimed — and even more — is true.

Here’s the logic behind this technique, which I call “Pre-emptive strike credibility”. Whenever you make a claim with any copy that’s written in your own voice, you naturally raise doubts in your prospect’s mind. It’s unavoidable.

So to turn the table and make this work for you rather than against you, it’s important to do a major league job of overcoming that skepticism as early as you possibly can. By making a powerful claim early in your marketing piece and then backing it up with irrefutable proof, you cut your prospect’s skepticism off at the pass.

Take a look at the following block of copy, which is from an actual sales letter I created for Pamela Yellen:

If you’d like to take your business
to the next level, here’s a powerful
promise from Pamela Yellen, the leading
expert on high-profit, low-cost marketing
strategies for insurance and financial
services professionals…

“My Powerful New Prospecting and Marketing
Course Can Literally Double or Triple
the Number of New Clients
You Bring Into Your Business”

Clients report that my new prospecting and marketing program, The Ultimate Power Prospecting And Marketing System, produces exceptional results. And it does this without you having to make cold calls, beg for referrals, or be treated like a leper at social events. Here are what a few of my clients say about how the techniques in my program generated so much business they increased their client base and commissions by two times, three times, even more than eight times:

“Using one marketing strategy you taught, I’m now getting more appointments in the business owner market than I can handle. And almost all of them are calling me. I adapted one of your templates to one of my target markets and have found that nearly 13% of them are calling or faxing ME asking for an appointment. I’m astonished at the results. In just the first 2 months, my commissions tripled! In August I did $56,462 in first year commissions from 17 sales — almost 3 times as much money as I made any other August in my 30 years in the business. And most of it came from your strategies”.

Gerald Brown, Colorado

“I’ve always had a goal to do $1,000,000 of premium. Since enrolling in your program, for the first time in my career, I’m actually on target to accomplish that! Using your marketing strategies to do estate planning for high net-worth individuals, I’m now getting 3 to 4 opening appointments per week instead of the one or two per month I averaged prior to enrolling in your program. For the first 5 months of this year, I’ve already written $500,000 of premium. This is nearly 3 times what I did last year.”

David Gerstenblatt, Massachusetts

“Enrolling in your program is the best investment I’ve ever made. One of your unique strategies got nearly 10% of my prospects to call or fax me requesting an appointment — and they all gave me confidential financial information before we ever met. And they are not just requesting information — they are requesting an opening interview. In the past 2 months alone, I’ve gotten two-and-a-half times as much business in the pipeline as I wrote all last year.”

Tom Mitchell, California

As you can see, the results these clients produced were phenomenal. You could be enjoying similar or even better results.

But here’s a tough question I want you to ask yourself. What if you don’t do as well? Instead of double, triple, or eight times the amount of business, what if you only increase your profits by 50%, …or 30%, …or just 20%? Wouldn’t that be well worth an investment of less than $500 dollars and a small amount of your time?

Now let me take this one step further. What if I actually make it foolproof for you? You see, I’m so confident that my techniques will work for any insurance or financial services professional, I’m willing to guarantee your results.

Here’s my personal promise to you. At the very least, you’ll make $10,000 in extra commissions — commissions you never would have seen without this breakthrough material. If you don’t, I’ll refund every cent you paid for the program.

With that in mind, here’s how to start taking your business to the next level.

Dear Friend,

I want to make you an extremely bold promise. You can easily flood your business with as many new clients as you can handle. In fact, you can get more new clients each and every week than you now get in an entire month.

What does this mean for you? For starters, you sales and commissions will double — perhaps even triple — almost overnight. You’ve already seen proof of how quickly this can happen in the quotes from three of my clients above. And throughout this letter, I’ll give you many more real-life success stories to show you just how easy it really is to step up to an entire new level of income.

Better yet, you can do all this while you kiss cold calling good-bye forever, put an end to harassing friends and clients for referrals, and never again be treated like a leper at social events.

Do you see what’s happened here? In essence, you’re saying, “Look, I know you’re going to doubt whatever I say, regardless of how truthful it is. So let’s get this out of the way right up front. Here’s precisely why you should believe me, not in my own words, but straight from the mouths of other people just like you”.

But — and this is a critical point — not only have you cut your prospect’s skepticism off at the pass, but by establishing your credibility early on, you’ve also set the stage for them to accept everything you say from that point forward. That’s why I call this technique “Pre-emptive strike credibility”.


Putting “The Mightiest Voice in Marketing” to work for you is easy. Anyone can do it and this technique works wonders for any product or service.

It always amazes me that so many people wait until the end of their marketing piece to roll out their testimonials. If you continue to make claim after claim in your marketing without countering your prospect’s natural skepticism with undeniable proof, by the time you get to the end of your marketing piece, it’s usually too late. What you’ve really done is built a wall of skepticism so high, that no proof can overcome this.

Don’t let that happen to you. Try having your marketing piece written entirely in your customer’s voice, or harness multiple customers’ voices to give you pre-emptive credibility. I promise you’ll be very pleased with the results.

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